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Thanks to a specialized application technology, we have succeeded in applying our colored glass granulate on both float glass and single pane safety glass, as well as on almost any other material with a flat surface.

Our biggest innovation is that we are now able to apply the beads not only onto float glass, but also onto single pane safety glass and heat-soaked single pane safety glass. Using our new method, the glass remains intact and in the original state, and therefore continues to fulfill the requirements of the applicable DIN standards for float glass and single pane safety glass.

The biggest saving with this method for producing is that both float glass and single pane safety glass remain laminatable after prestressing in the autoclave. 



  • Unique look
  • Glittery, shiny appearance
  • Innovative surface design
  • Stylish glass surface
  • Interaction with light produces an irresistible and unique appearance
  • Exceptional aesthetics
  • Durable
  • UV resistant
  • Single pane safety glass and float glass certifications still apply
  • Laminatable in an autoclave
  • Can be applied to materials other than glass!

» Allows simpler and more flexible planning for architects and building contractors

All construction materials testing was performed by Munich University and passed without defects.
This new method has made us extremely capable and competitive.

Areas of application

INDIVIDUAL INTERIORS  Whether for walls, ceilings, or other indoor areas, Starshine® helps create strikingly individual interiors where the direct and indirect interaction with light elements profascating effects.

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WALLS Starshine® can be installed on both fixed and flexible walls, depending on your requirements.

CEILINGS A unique room atmosphere can be created with backlit Starshine® panels or by projecting images onto the surface.

APPLICATIONS Starshine® offers you a unique range of design options, from accessories right through to kitchen applications or furniture surfaces.


EXPRESSIVE EXTERIORS In exterior design, Starshine's® ambitious goal is to project the unique and design-oriented essence of every object. Starshine® products provide clients and architects with the solutions they need.

ROOFS Appealing architecture from a single source – Starshine® brings exceptional aesthetic appeal to your roof.

PRIVACY SCREENS Starshine® offers a range of options to help harmonize and integrate every aspect of your building's architecture.

FACADES Transform your building into a real aesthetic eye-catcher with a full-surface facade application or a partial application for walls, balconies or other areas of your building.



  • Unique glass finishing technique using patented technology
  • Shimmering iridescence and unique light reflections
  • Every product makes your project unique
  • Environmentally-friendly through the use of predominantly recycled raw materials and low-energy manufacturing process
  • Individual selection and combination of granulate color and grain size


Sample of colors RAL 840 HR
  • RAL color 01 traffic yellow
  • RAL color 02 sun yellow
  • RAL color 03 traffic red
  • RAL color 04 ruby red
  • RAL color 05 yellow green
  • RAL color 06 emerald green
  • RAL color 07 bottle green
  • RAL color 08 chrome green
  • RAL color 09 water blue
  • RAL color 10 night blue
  • RAL color 11 gentian blue
  • RAL color 12 beige red
  • RAL color 13 claret violet
  • RAL color 14 purple violet
  • RAL color 15 purple red
  • RAL color 16 green beige