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Starshine GmbH & Co. KG
Werner-von-Siemens Straße 28
94447 Plattling, Germany

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As a young and innovative company, Starshine® is also breaking new ground in its relationships with manufacturing, distribution and installation partners, jointly developing new products and new ideas concerning international cooperation and projects with them at its headquarters in Plattling (Bavaria).

For the future Starshine® plans to expand its international network with additional production, distribution and installation sites, which will enable it to supply solutions to customers around the world even more quickly than at present. Starshine® is already active in many important regions and plays a key role in design-led project architectures.

STARSHINE® distributor - perfect consulting on site

Starshine® distributors work their markets on site totally independently and on their own authority. We open up our Starshine® portfolio for them and they get to know all our production and installation partners. After a detailed technical training the distributor is responsible for all our present customers and he canvasses for new interested parties, e.g. architects, interior designers, contractors, consulting and façade companies. The distributor also handles all projects in his market. There is always a close contact with Starshine® based on a fair partnership. Take the legal advice from our distributor on site! Please give us a call or send an email, if you want to receive the contact details from our distributors located in following countries:


If you are interested in getting a distributor for Starshine® fusion products please come back to us. We are looking forward hearing from you soon!

STARSHINE® production partner - supplier for the whole STARSHINE® portfolio

A Starshine® production partner serves the whole Starshine® portfolio which means all distributors and clients all over the world with Starshine® products.

In addition to our production line at our headquarters in Plattling (Bavaria) we work together with our production partner at Oia, Portugal. Due to the fact that our partner is a specialized glass manufacturer we can realize a huge number of quantity within a very short time because of his well equipped production line. A relationship based on partnership is always our aim and is lived in both companies.

If you are interested in getting a production partner for Starshine® please get back to us. All technical details can be clarified during a further conversation on the phone or a meeting face to face.